Hair Cutting Tips

Are you fed up of paying to much just for a haircut that’s at best okay? Perhaps this is the right time to master cutting your own hair, so let’s begin with a few very simply hair cutting tips. If you follow these easy methods. You will very quickly begin to learn how to cut hair. If the cut isn’t perfect or you require to color or hi-light your hair, I suggest visiting your stylist.

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The most efficient method of cutting hair is to first wet it. It is easier to cut hair this method. Also, wash your hair and condition it.

After shampooing and conditioning your hair, you can comb it straight down to the desired length. You will get an elegant cut if you work in sections. Always begin from the opposite side. Cut from one side to the next. Always double-check the cuts to ensure they are straight. After that, you can cut small sections of hair at each time. To ensure you have the most control, hold the hair between your index and middle finger.

When dealing with curly hair, you will need to ensure that you begin with dry hair before you cut. Curly hair won’t look as attractive if it’s wet. The hair will then grow shorter. Which can result in having too small of a cut. Curly hair will almost always spring back much shorter. This is because the more hair you cut off the less weight the hair must drag the curl down. You will start to get an accurate idea of how much the hair will bounce back after it has dried.

When you are satisfied with your cut, you can double-check. Go ahead and double check, making sure that the cut feels and appears identical. This can be done by taking two identical pieces of hair on opposite sides and then bringing them in front of you, either towards your eyes, nose, jaw, or chin. The two lengths should match in a uniform way.

If you are cutting your bangs you must do it by letting your hair dry completely. To get the best results, don’t attempt to cut an straight or straight horizontal line using your scissor. Utilize the edges of your scissor to create a point cut. Cut less often the better. For layers just section the bangs and bring the hair back and make a point cut at the ends. This will create soft layers.

If you’re doing your hair at home, try to keep the cut simple. A single-length cut is the easiest and most common. The first step is to decide on the length you would like to cut. (I recommend no more then one inch initially.) Like I said earlier working in small sections, combing your hair straight down. Then hold each section between your middle and index fingers, and cut it off slowly to the length you want. Continuing from one point and moving your way around the head. This works for all hair types, such as short, medium and long.

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