The Madness Chronicles – Episode 49

In our 49th scene of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a gander at the frenzy of how the NWO and Deep State are certain we’re dumb. Keep in mind, frenzy is a condition of being deranged, harshly, amazingly silly conduct, and a type of excited or turbulent movement. How about we investigate how dumb they think we were in 2020.

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Seven days after the banana republic appointment of Joe Biden, the Wuhan Virus has retreated in fear and ran. A simple week after the mobilized initiation of Jihadi Joe, the Governor of Michigan, Chicago, California, and New York are backing off limitations. We saw more Festivus supernatural occurrences in 2020 than any other time in recent memory.

The monetary pulverization brought about by the draconian proportions of these Governor’s annihilated 100,000 independent ventures in America. In any case, since they pulled off the overthrow ever, we should all lock arms and sing kumbayah. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared she was lifting COVID limitations only two days after the initiation. She said the COVID rates are declining. That comes in the wake of putting her occupants through a lot of hardship for the vast majority of 2020

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who holds the record for driving the city with more dark murders than some other, got a similar extraordinary news as Whitmer simultaneously. Would you be able to envision the happenstance? The Mayor declared that “Because of late advancement in the battle against COVID-19, Chicago is presently working under Illinois’ Tier 1 alleviations which incorporates restricted indoor feasting and that’s just the beginning.” You must be intrigued with the two-day turnaround President Biden has designed. Note the ‘moronic’ signs blazing behind the scenes in the event that you accept an expression of it.

Nobody has been more secured than California. Individuals are escaping there, so quick U-Haul has employed drivers to return trailers in light of the fact that there are none in California. Be that as it may, hello, perhaps they can return now with Slow Joe in charge? To be reasonable, it required five days to fix California. California Governor Gavin Newsom reported he was lifting territorial stay-at-home requests across the state. Believe it or not, stay at home requests.

Lead representative Newsom gave the most impenetrable COVID limitations in the country. In spite of his impermeable lockdown California has the most COVID cases in the country. However, in a shocking turnaround, Biden has pursued the coronabalogna straight away. The Governor lifted provincial stay-at-home requests across the state in light of improving Covid conditions, returning California to an arrangement of region by-area limitations. CBS San Francisco reports the move opens the way for a re-visitation of restricted eatery eating. Shockingly, conspicuous Democratic lawmakers all around the nation have reached precisely the same decision about the COVID lockdowns simultaneously.

What’s more, in the wonder, all things considered, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that COVID-19 was in reality subsiding in his state multi week after the initiation. It challenges the creative mind. It truly does; he might have essentially held a long time or a month to make it seem as though they weren’t cooperating. However, eventually, that is the manner by which dumb they think we are.

They took us for inept thus far they haven’t been baffled. Gullible people the world over are veiled as far as possible, remaining in line to get an antibody that is not so much as an immunization. The lockdowns and limitations unleashed upon us cronies worldwide have driven the neediness rate up 2.4% in the United States, the most elevated since the mid sixties. The destitution rate for dark Americans increased 5.4%, and this over the most recent a half year of 2020 because of Governor’s closing down their residents.

Coronavirus, a device, is making destruction to eliminate a President who drove a past president’s best economy with the most minimal dark and Latino joblessness in U.S. history. That makes 2020 the time of gloom, trickery, and insidious misdirection.

May we wake from this franticness before it’s past the point of no return. I wish you great wellbeing, and until sometime later, have a good time, appreciate life, and watch out for the frenzy among us. It’s 2020; glance around; it’s absurd.

Ed Kugler is a resigned Fortune 50 chief, a Marine Scout Sniper during the Vietnam War, and the writer of a few books. counting Dead Center – A Marine Sniper’s Two Year Odyssey in the Vietnam War, Obamunism, Firefights of the Mind, and Through the Darkness Comes the Light. He is right now the President of Last Chance Patriots, a gathering of similar individuals endeavoring to carry mental soundness to their state.

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