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My 10 Secrets For Getting More Blog Visitors: Make Them Yours!

  1. As a professional blogger, I’ve observed that a lot of times, my customers (the bloggers) do not feel comfortable with social media marketing or simply don’t know about the huge reach of and effective social tools. If you have an account on Twitter, you should promote your blog using Twitter! A topic that is interesting to your readers will allow you to generate a lot of remarks by a simple technique like ‘Alert on latest debate on XYZ issue – comments will be appreciated on my blog and then your blog’s URL!
  2. Be proactive in identifying topics for your blog that are connected to the latest news in your field because nothing is able to stir up public more than the gossip that this twin sister does! It’s possible to increase blog visitors by using buzzwords in the blog’s titles and asking open-ended questions which encourage discussion. Then get word about these recent blog posts to members of the community in random ways and invite opinion. People are thrilled to be thought of as knowledgeable enough to ask their views! Visit:-
  3. Conduct a single question poll on a topic that is central to your niche blog, introducing the topic with the question, and leaving answers open for a certain period of duration, such as the duration of a week. In the post, you can announce that you will select one most relevant answer from the reader comments to encourage healthy competition and valuable blog responses that are on topic, instead of the typical ‘great article.’ For instance, a health blog can ask “What’s your take regarding the legalization of Marijuana or other drugs?’ And a fashion blog might post a blog article on ‘Best way for cleaning leather shoes?’
  4. Get feedback from your blog readers and you’ll have an established following who will be pleased to endorse your blog, assisting you to increase traffic to your blog. For instance, everyone loves some attention and so give it to your readers and arrange a blog contest – something easy like ‘forgotten childhood games,’ ‘most romantic date venue’ or’my favourite coffee brand’ are questions that show a persona of your readers and encourage them to talk about themselves. They’ll be sure to continue the conversation each time you publish a blog write a blog post, but don’t forget to notify the responders!
  5. Integrate social media platforms like StumbleUpon to promote your blog efforts, and don’t hesitate of asking your friends to use it to help you out. Though traffic is initially slow, it’s a steady flow and efficient for high the highest quality of blog traffic.
  6. Write a comment on the blog of another and provide an appropriate link to a post of yours that is in line with the topic. This is a wonderful method of bringing visitors to your blog if you’ve published a post which is related, either in the positive or negative sense, to the current blog post. This will stimulate reader interest and prompt responses.
  7. Always respond to comments left by blog readers. Many bloggers find it tedious to respond to comments, or simply lag behind with responding to feedback, but if someone takes the time and effort in responding to your post It’s a great sign you’ve managed to get their attention. A positive response can keep your customer, so make an effort to respond!
  8. Commenting on your blog is open and accessible to everyone, instead of limiting time periods for general blogs. So, even if your blog’s titles, tags or hot keywords are discovered in searches on the internet in the future, or even 3 years down the road by people searching for similar information, your blog earns that traffic also!
  9. Choose topics that are always relevant for your blog over short-term articles. Stick to topics of general interest that provide useful information for readers or fill in a gap. Make sure to keep your lunch hidden, the same goes for the things you hate about yourself!
  10. Do not censor the negative comments as charged up opinions just make you appear more of a confident authority on the topic, showing your readers that you’re ready to cope with opinions different from yours without being irritated or irritated.

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