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With hundreds of thousands of new blogs being created each day, many bloggers want to turn their blog into a lucrative home business. Unfortunately, many blogs are destined for lack of planning.
You can turn your new blog into a fundraising activity.
Follow the 5 steps below. Please note that you need to complete these four steps before you start blogging. Therefore, perform the steps in the order specified. Here are five steps to making a profit on your blog:

Decide what you are trying to sell from your blog.

To make a profit, you need to make a blog. Nothing happens until you sell something, so choose the Profit Center first.
You can choose one of the following: Sell ​​ads from your blog. Sell ​​one or more products. Or to sell the service-the service of yourself or others.
Selling ads is a common and successful way to make a profit. However, you need content to sell your ads. The more content your blog has, the better. Therefore, if you choose to sell ads as your profit center, it may take some time to make a profit, but keep in mind that as you continue to add content, your ad sales will continue to grow.

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If you sell products from your blog, your profits will flow much faster. However, you need to focus on sales as well as content.
If you decide to sell a service, make a list of services offered by you and others on your blog. 2. How do you get traffic? Do you have startup capital?
A few years ago, we were able to take full advantage of RSS to increase traffic to new blogs. But at that time it was behind us. Make a list of how you can get traffic. If you have startup capital, make a note of which paid advertising method you use and when.
3. Plan content: it’s essential

The next step is to plan the content of your blog. Do not skip this step. Most bloggers stop writing because they don’t have enough to say.
Therefore, create a topic and create a list of 5-10 blog post titles for each topic. Your topic will be in the category of your blog.
4. Plan content creation and marketing for your day

If you want to make your blog a profitable home business, you need to blog every day. When are you going to blog? Is it early in the morning or late at night? Schedule at least one hour a day to work on your blog. During this time, create content and market your blog. Plan your time of day and keep your schedule. 5. Check the progress

Blogs grow organically. When you sell a blog ad, you need to add more content than when you sell a product or service from your blog.
Use the statistics package on your blog (Google offers Google Analytics for free) and check your statistics once a week. Your traffic will increase as your marketing method for your blog begins to work. Once traffic is generated, it’s time to make sure that it provides a return on investment, so take a closer look at the traffic and see if you can benefit from your home business.

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