Engineering Design Reviews in New Product Development

The design engineer is responsible for ensuring that the fully designed product meets the product specifications. Design presentations are an integral part of the new product design process. To provide product information, you need to form a team that transcends departmental boundaries. This team should consist of members from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing, procurement, and quality. The team will be guided to review the current design and provide feedback to improve the product. The original product specifications are considered to ensure that the product complies with these guidelines. Design reviews are performed at various milestones during the project to ensure that the design is in line with product specifications.
The quality and reliability of new products are evaluated in design reviews. Purchased and manufactured parts must meet specific quality level specifications set by engineering to ensure the quality of the final product. Life tests and other verification tests confirm the design before selling the product. Certain agencies, such as Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and European Commission (CE), provide standards for testing products for safe consumer use. Third-party test labs are used to certify products to these criteria. Visit:-
Can you manufacture your product in a profitable way? New products need to be carefully planned for efficient manufacturing. Six Sigma designs should also be used to ensure high quality production. Cost reduction initiatives are used to increase profitability. Quality should be a priority when reducing costs to avoid warranty costs as a result of reduced quality in the final product.
Product safety assessments are completed during the design review process. The team needs to assess safety issues regarding the current design of the manufacturing and final products. If the product does not meet the safety requirements, the team needs to find a way to adapt it. There are several considerations to consider when determining whether validation tests show that a product design is safe for the end user.
Design reviews should focus on the original product specifications established by the project. Cross-departmental teams need to undergo regular design reviews during the new product development lifecycle. Regular reviews help avoid “bullying” and keep development costs within budget. Team meetings should focus on the topic and all ideas should be thoroughly explored by the team. You should keep the list of action items documented for every step of the project life cycle and list all ideas and concerns during the design review meeting.
Design engineers need to keep their projects on time and on budget. By continuing the design presentation as a team, the effect of design improvement will increase. By recording various ideas for design improvements, ideas that should not be included are removed. Design reviews are essential to new product development and should be used effectively and regularly.

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