My Top Baker’s Dozen Anomalies

There are thousands of books, articles, documentaries, television series and websites dedicated to deviations, riddles, or the unknown. From UFOs and ancient astronauts to Bigfoot and Atlantis, from ESPs to the Bermuda Triangle and religious miracles, the list seems endless. Some are quite suspicious. Some have good faith pedigree. No two provide the same list of what their main deviations are to them. Too many capture the imagination of great unwashed people.

Different styles for different people. Here is my list, at least for now.
Accelerating the Universe: The anomaly here is fairly simple in the sense that there is considerable observational evidence that the expansion rate of the universe is accelerating. However, Logic states that due to the general gravity of the universe, the expansion rate of the universe must be slowed down. The anti-gravity energy needed to accelerate the expansion of the universe must come from somewhere and in increasing quantities to maintain the ever-increasing acceleration, but the universe is, by definition, there. , Includes everything that is always present. .. When additional anti-gravity energy is generated, it is generated from nothing. Something from nothing is a clear violation of the basic conservation laws and principles that form the basis of modern science.

Nate: Nate was, or wasn’t, what you’re looking at right now. Our twin planet (unparalleled size), the ever-lost satellite of Venus. The deviation here is that not only one, but many well-known astronomers, including Giovanni Domenico (1625-1712), noticed, noticed, recorded, and wrote down the results in the journal. Well, that period was between the 17th and mid-18th centuries, but professional eyes and equipment were sufficient to somehow determine the presence or absence of natural satellites in orbit around Venus. Visit:- Ghost carts

Of the more than 30 observations of Nate, 1645, 1672, 1686, 1740, 1759, 1761, and 1764 were the best known and most validated (some observations on many days in March). Observations during this period clearly exclude the satellites as faint stars and asteroids, or the outer planets such as Uranus and Neptune, which are looking far beyond Venus. Nate’s observed phase sometimes coincided with that of Venus. This suggests that the object is very close to the planet.

Venus is a celestial body that is inside the Earth, close to the Sun, and very prominent when viewed from the Earth, and is commonly referred to as the morning and evening stars. We have all seen Venus. In fact, if you know exactly where to look, you can see it in the air during the day. Venus is so far away from the Sun that the Sun’s reflections do not blunt the reflected light from Venus, and are probably objects in or around Venus. A moderately sized natural Venus satellite should be easily detected by the astronomical instruments available at that time. So when Nate was actually discovered, he didn’t actually raise his astronomical eyebrows. The anomaly here is that they were all wrong. Nate doesn’t exist. Venus has no satellites. Everyone was completely incompetent and couldn’t distinguish one side of the telescope from the other, or Nate actually exists, but somehow comes from the local area. In this case, Nate wasn’t natural at all, but he was under intellectual control and not due to earthly intelligence. What Nate was and where he disappeared is a big departure. Dragon: The deviation here is that if the dragon and dragon leather were the product of a single culture at any given time, the concept could easily be abandoned. But more attention needs to be paid if they appear in all cultures from ancient times to the 18th century, which were still part of natural history. This is all the more so because foxes are taken very seriously. In China, they were missionaries between the gods and the emperors, and were disastrous for the subordinates who had the image of a dragon in them! The dragon and fox tradition forms an important part of what is now considered science fiction. Probably no child over the age of 5 can be lyrical and can tell everything about the dragon ladder. The best hypothesis is that foxes can be considered mythical today. That was certainly not the case, not so many generations ago. In this case, if the dragon was really real, the anomaly would be: There are no fossils.
Ghosts: The disagreement here is that there have been hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of ghost sightings and ghost-like symptoms since the beginning of recorded history. Appearances or ghost or spiritual warnings, whatever, were made and reported by all possible types of people from all possible steps of life. Not everyone is wrong. Ointment flies are that there are no small fragments of physical, chemical, or biological theory to support the observation. There is no way to split the dead corpse in two into half-dead (buried or cremated part) and half-animated (ghost), but the ghost is animated so you can see, hear, and Interaction with the surrounding environment must, after all, consist of matter and energy that were considered to be an integral part of the original body. As such, ghosts need to replenish the consumed material and energy and undoubtedly feed themselves to perform the relevant physical functions. Physics, chemistry, and biology known to humankind cannot manipulate the corpse’s matter and energy to notice corpse ghosts.

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