Are You Being Coached Into a Cave?

The emotions, thoughts, in addition to the prayers that followed the incident from the Thai football team is evidence that their unforeseen cave experience has caught the attention of the entire world. Manypeople, with no relationship with Thailand were shedding tears for a long time as their hearts pulsated with the news that came from the media. There was no opposition to the diversity of Thailand as boiler service near me both international and local divers took over the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand to ensure the safety of local football players. It was a coordinated action that conveyancing demonstrated the unity of the world. In the brief time that elapsed before the boys were safely found in the cave, so many others outside of the cave have lost their hope of a better future.

The Wild Boars as they were affectionately known, went into a thrilling adventure which claimed the lives of humans. It was a huge sacrifice that slowed down a skilled diver from being referred to as a hero.

I was caught between enthusiasm and happiness over the success discovery of my boys while my mind pondered the issue of what inspired them.

The courage of the humble assistant coach proved that the football team were coached to the cave. It was evident that he had good intentions as they marked the birthday of a teammate, but what an arduous task to mark an occasion like a birthday celebration?

The unpleasant adventure of the boys could bring someone into the midst of a fear of caves, and cause someone else to fight for an adventure in a cave. Life mostly consist of two types of people: the scared and the risk-taking. The first would never walk near the entryway of a cave, the latter would explore the cave for an easier solution to a similar problem.

I suddenly came to the realization that my fear of not being near the entrance of a cave, automatically puts one within the cave. Cave phobia!

Many people who haven’t actually stepped foot into a cave are already encased in caves for life’s monstrous adventures.

As I join other people to celebrate the safe returned of Wild Boars and their reconnection with their family members I’d like to send a reader’s story to the unexplored caves. What have your experiences in life been a coach for you? Are you being guided into an underground cave? If you are honest about an unspecified circumstance that may might have led to your cave Do you have any other options?

The cravings for wealth and freedom, the fight for liberty, the shame of not being faithful, the yearning to be healthy, unending suffering of abuse, the torrent of torment, fear of being in the dark, the sadness of a tragic loss, the dangerous encircling of frenemies and such disquieting circumstances are all caves that will be accessed by no physical diver in search of liberation. Correspondingly, life has the ability to convert such circumstances by using the strength that is intrinsic to mind power. The courage that inspired to the Wild Boars, the ability to recognize hope against hope, the faith to conquer the fear of uncertainty, the ability that allows the mind to go from turmoil to peace, the joy that endures even in the face of pain, the grit which eases temperament and the love that endures. Those are the divers when life guides you through the depths of challenge. They are the source of positivity that negates negativity. The possibility of seeing even when it seems impossible is more realistic than reality.

I wandered through the sand and cave’s structure and paused to think about the purpose. Every single life experience is tied to goals. In the story of the Wild Boars did not have any hindsight when they were at the brink of their adventure, but actually, their gruelling journey has earned them an international reputation and who knows what’s in store for the future?

Be informed… Get inspired… You can be successful!

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