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Senior care franchises have always been in high demand, and continue to be even in low-growth economies. It’s no secret that growing aging of the baby boomer population has only begun. There were more than 15 franchises in the elder care industry at last count. Some companies have been operating for a long time and some have even been in operation for more than 15 years.

Many potential franchise buyers are very concerned about how long the franchise has been available and the number of franchises currently operating, but that’s not always the most important factor in all instances. The most important thing is the time the company has been in business before offering franchises for sale , and the degree of success that has been achieved by that firm. ADL Caring Companions or “Caring Companions” as they’re commonly referred to, has been offering franchises for a short period of time. Their first franchisee joined them at the beginning of 2010. Even though it’s a short time, this is just one aspect of the story. Visit:-

Patrick O’Hare is the President and CEO at Caring Companions. He opened his first office in San Antonio, Texas in 2002. Another office was opened in North Dallas in 2004. Since 2002, he has grown and built a successful senior care business. Prior to Caring Companions, Pat had a distinguished career as a manager of mutual funds with a highly rated insurance and investment business. Pat noticed an urgent demand in his family for senior care and believed that there wasn’t enough quality in the options available. He was convinced that it could be a lucrative business with great potential. Caring Companions, a provider of non-medical senior care has proven that he had the right idea.

Both offices have performed exceptionally well, with revenue at the top of the list of non-medical senior care businesses. The San Antonio office serves the whole San Antonio population of 1.8 million, and the North Dallas office covers roughly the same territory. When comparison of Caring Companions franchise offering to other offerings on the market it is impossible not to look at the revenue of both offices with those disclosed by the other franchise offerings listed in their Franchise Disclosure Documents. In reality there is no comparable. ADL Caring Companions’ annual revenue is higher than any other franchise offering.

Pat asked me what the reason was. Pat’s answer was “It’s simple, larger areas and more efficient systems.”

The average franchise territory in the senior care industry begins at 250,000 people. According to Pat it’s not enough people to generate the kind of income that he thinks most business owners want. The ability to expand the area isn’t the only factor, however. If you’re lucky enough to have people, you need the right systems in place to grow and scale the business, one reason to look seriously at Caring Companions. The initial size of their territory starts at 500,000 and they offer the chance for franchisees to buy territories that can be as large as 1.5 million people. Keep in mind that the fee for this is lower than the other franchises’ fees. Pat put a huge amount of time and effort into this franchise, from the computers and software to the management of the company and the hiring of employees. There is no room for errors. Even though the franchise offering is fairly fresh, there’s an outstanding value compared to many others.


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