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The popularity of Facebook games has increased over the past year. You might be curious about which Facebook games are best and most enjoyable as it adds new games to its entertainment platform. This article will provide separate game reviews for each one of the top twenty-five Facebook games for 2010.

We will start our Facebook Game Reviews by looking at FarmVille, the top-rated game on Facebook. FarmVille, which Zynga created, currently has around 73,800,000.000 monthly users, and is steadily growing. FarmVille allows you to become a farmer. FarmVille lets you interact with your friends, and even become their neighbors. FarmVille allows you to do all the things a farmer would. You will be planting, plowing, harvesting, and growing a farm. You must harvest your plants in time when you play this game. Different plants require different harvesting times and plants that are not harvested on time will die. You will earn more points by taking care of your farm and increase your level.

Birthday Cards is the second most played game of 2010. RockYou makes Birthday Cards and it has around 32,000,000 people per month. You can use the Birthday Cards game to customize and send cards free of charge, create a birthday calendar and set reminders. You can also create your own birthday zoo with the game. This game is very popular with people who wish to send birthday cards and remember friends’ birthdays on Facebook.

Cafe World, which Zynga makes, is the third most-played game on Facebook. Cafe World is visited by approximately 31,000,000 people per month. Cafe World is a great game to play if your dream of owning a restaurant is realized. Cafe World allows you to cook, bake, saute, and make whatever you like. You will need to hire servers when you play Cafe World. You can choose one of your Facebook friends to be your server in Cafe World. You should always ensure that you have enough food for your guests.

CrowdStar’s Happy Aquarium is the fourth most-played game on Facebook. Happy Aquarium is used by approximately 27,000,000 people per month. You can create your own fish tank by playing Happy Aquarium on Facebook. You can purchase fish and other creatures to make your own tank. Happy Aquarium is a game where you must feed your fish. Fish can die just like real life. This game is great for people who wish they could have an aquarium at home. You can’t feed your friends fish when they die.

Zynga’s FishVille is the fifth most played game on Facebook. FishVille is played by approximately 24,000,000 people per month. FishVille works in a similar way to Happy Aquarium. You can set up your fish tank and take care of the fish. You can also sell your fish for points and coins once you are done with them. You can keep your fish tank clean, or they will die. Visit:-

Mafia Wars, which Zynga makes, is the sixth most played game on Facebook. Mafia Wars is played by approximately 24,000,000 people per month. Your goal in playing Mafia Wars, is to expand your Mafia clan. Invite your Facebook friends to Mafia Wars. You can also increase the wealth of your group and provide weapons for your friends. It comes down to this: whoever has the largest and strongest Mafia is the one who comes out on top.

Texas HoldEm Poker, also produced by Zynga, is the seventh most-played game on Facebook. Texas HoldEm Poker for Facebook is played by approximately 22,000,000 people per month. It’s almost the same game as playing Texas HoldEm Poker in real life when you play Texas HoldEm Poker online. Learn the rules of Texas HoldEm Poker before you start. Texas HoldEm Poker can be played with friends on Facebook.

Pet Society, which is made in Playfish, is the eighth most-played game on Facebook. It has around 21,000,000 users each month. Pet Society is a cute game for animal lovers. Pet Society allows you to decorate your home and send presents to your friends. This is a cute and entertaining game.

Petville, which Zynga makes, is the ninth most played game on Facebook. Petville is used by approximately 17,000,000 people per month. Another adorable game for pet lovers. You will be responsible for your pet while playing this game. You will be asked to create a pet when you first join Petville. There are many options, and you will end up with a cute virtual pet. Your pet should be happy, healthy, happy, and walked. You will have a happy Petville pet. This game is similar to Playfishes Pet Society, and other pet-based games.

YoVille, which is created by Zynga, is the tenth most played game on Facebook. YoVille is used by approximately 17,000,000 people per month. YoVille allows you to live a virtual lifestyle. It is very similar to the popular Sims game on personal computers. YoVille allows you to create a virtual world. You can socialize, work, decorate your home and do anything else that you like while playing YoVille. This game is for people who enjoy the virtual world.

Farm Town, which is created by Slashkey, is the eleventh most played game on Facebook. Farm Town is used by approximately 16,000,000 people per month. Farm Town is very similar in concept to FarmVille on Facebook. You will manage your farm while playing Farm Town. To advance to higher levels, you’ll need to plant and harvest crops. Invite friends and hire workers to help with your farm. This game is for people who live in cities but want to become farmers.

PlayFish’s Restaurant City is the 12th most-played game on Facebook. Restaurant City is used by approximately 15,000,000 people per month. Restaurant City is similar to Cafe Town. Restaurant City allows you to own a restaurant and create the menu. You can also hire workers. If you’re interested in the operation of a restaurant, this is a great game. This is a social game, and you can interact with your Facebook friends.

MindJolt Games is the thirteenth most-played game on Facebook. MindJolt games are played by approximately 14,000,000 people per month. MindJolt offers over 500 games. There are many different types of games, including puzzles, strategy and arcade-style. MindJolt offers a variety of gaming options.

Happy Pets, which CrowdStar created, is the fourteenth most played game on Facebook. Happy Pets is played by approximately 12,000,000 people per month on Facebook. Happy Pets will help you raise your kitten to adulthood. You have to care for as many cats as possible. How many happy cats are you able to take care of with Happy Pets Don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of pets you have to take care of. Happy Pets does not like kitties who are sold.

Zynga’s RCK is the fifteenth most played game on Facebook. RCK is played by approximately 11,000,000 people per month on Facebook. This fun Facebook game allows you to create your own rock band. Ask your Facebook friends for help in creating a rocking group. This is a great game for music lovers.

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